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Welcome to Golden Circle Movement

Namaste. Golden Circle Movement is your source for Quantum Orgonite and Rainbow Room Glycerin Soaps & More...

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Unique colors and combos

Namaste . Each device is unique and can be customized to your taste.

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Protection from Dark Energy

Namaste. The magnitude of negative energy around us increases daily. Wearing a Quantum Orgonite Pendant can protect and rejuvenate you within it's Orgone Vortex. Protect your family from emf radiation. Transmute dark energy to Light. Live in balance.

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Golden Circle Movement Presents: Rainbow Room Soaps

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Namaste Ezichiade, Thank you for clarity and Light. I received my Quantum Orgonite a week ago an I love it!


I have years of experience with orgonite and most of the market sells fake ones (not properly crafted, charged, or activated). Golden Circle Movement's Quantum Orgonite are 100% real, effective and life changing. Love these and looking forward to the next one. Blessed be. <3

Gigi V.

Thank you bcs my home is under attack spiritually and I know it will be a whole different ball game now đŸ©žđŸ‡đŸ’‰đŸ’•đŸČ☀

Natasha Russia

Is good tech but i will.eventually need a much bigger and more efficient pendant, if you could shape it into a big cross necklace

Anthony P.
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